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Nafasi za kazi na ajira mpya 2020 :: Find number of relevant job opportunities in Tanzania at mabumbe. Our platform helps to make job search easy and convenient for you For Ajira Mpya Leo | Latest Jobs In Tanzania Click Here!. Apply jobs in Tanzania and Job Vacancies in Tanzania For freshers and experienced. Sign up for Alerts to receive the latest job vacancies delivered straight to your inbox.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions​

What is

  • is a free job alert website, in which you can get the latest job notification, Exam Date, and many other Education updates.


Why is better than others.?

  • brings notifications of all jobs before other portals. Periodic updates make it better than others.


Does the update on a daily basis?

  • Yes,


I submit applications and follow up by email, but I get no response from the companies. Why not?

  • Unfortunately, HR departments receive so many applications that they are just not able to respond to them all. This is particularly true at larger companies with online application processes. In fact, many of these organizations will ask applicants not to follow up with them. If you appear to be a desirable applicant, they will get in touch with you. When you hear nothing back, it usually means that your application has been screened out. This is very frustrating for applicants, and it’s one reason why you should focus on networking, not just completing online applications.

Where is the best place to find a job?

  • There are lots of options for finding a job, and one is not necessarily better than the others. You can find jobs on mass job boards like Mabumbe, AjiraLeo and Indeed, or smaller, niche job boards specific to your profession. You can go directly to the company’s website or social media. Additionally, 44 percent of new hires are made from employee referrals. It’s important to utilize all of these methods to find the most job opportunities.


Should I apply for a job even if I don’t have the specified experience?

  • Absolutely! If you think you can handle the job requirements, it never hurts to apply for the position. Whether you have less years of experience than they’re asking, or you are missing one of the hard skills mentioned, these don’t necessarily rule you out from landing the job. Skills can be learned on the job, and if you’re the best candidate, years of experience won’t matter in the end. Just don’t lie and say you have the qualifications when you don’t.


I keep sending out resumes, but I don’t get any interviews. What can I do?

  • First, be sure that your resume is designed to be attractive to potential employers. Look for books or online resources on how to “punch up” your resume and insure that you accurately convey your experience and positive attributes. If you feel that your resume is already top-notch, then you need to examine your job-search strategies. Instead of sending out resumes cold in response to ads, do more networking with people in your field to develop referral sources. The best way to find a job is through personal contacts.